Export audio loops and new oscillators in RD3 version 1.1

The new version 1.1 of the RD3 groovebox is available! You can now export audio loops for further use in your sequencer or for sharing them directly over the web. Use the menu button in the mixer screen to get to the “Export Song” mode, give your loop a name and render it to your SD card. If you choose the “send file after export” option a menu will appear after the rendering for transferring your file via bluetooth to your computer, to attach it to an email or to share it on a web platform such as SoundCloud.

For more sonic variety we added a pulse wave to the bassline. Switch between sawtooth wave and pulse wave with the buttons at the lower left on the bassline screen. Note: By pressing the pulse wave button longer the pulse wave will become a square wave, pressing this button longer again will return you to the pulse wave.

Features and improvements:

  • export audio loops
  • pulse wave and square wave for the bassline added
  • new save/save as dialog
  • warning message when pressing back button implemented