Massive feature update 1.5 for the SPC – Music Sketchpad out now!

The new version of the SPC brings you new features for recording with a microphone, manipulating audio, building scenes and performing/mixing!


Recording with two distinct recorders

  • Record yourself and use the sounds directly in your scenes, whether your singing, making percussive noises or playing an instrument
  • One recorder for recording loops up to 8 bars long
  • And a second one for recording short sounds for sequencing
  • Reverse and normalize function

Revised Mixer-Overlay

  • Once opened the overlay will stay visible until you close it
  • You can open up to four overlays simultaneously for smooth mixing
  • Direct access to the patterns A, B, C and D of a pad

Unclosed scenes

  • All the audio material of a scene is now directly available for further use in other scenes
  • Combine samples and loops among different scenes or combine them with your own sounds

New loop features

  • Envelope for each loop for controlling volume and pan with up to 16 breakpoints
  • Envelope can be up to 4 bars long independently from the loop length
  • Reverse and normalize function
  • Revised slicer handling


  • Fixes for Samsung Galaxy S 2.3.3 multitouch
  • Copy/Paste for slicer and envelope settings fixed