Make your own Hip Hop tracks!

We joined forces with sample manufacturer Loopmasters again to create our second Scene Pack for the SPC – Music Sketchpad. It’s all about Hip Hop this time.

Mix drums with heavy baselines, synth loops, turntable fx and scratch sounds. Add your own sounds or overdub them directly with your own recordings to create your personal Hip Hop tracks.

The SPC Hip Hop Scene Pack is now available on Google Play.

The 48 loops and sounds (over 40 MB of audio material) are organized in three scenes for the renowned SPC – Music Sketchpad app! The installer will automatically copy and open the scenes with the SPC app, so that you can start making music right away.

All the sounds for the scenes were taken from these Loopmasters sample libraries:

  • Hip Hop Progressions

A scene incorporating essential Hip Hop samples, sound fx and authentic inspirational loops for creating original Hip Hop tracks! It contains drums, turntable fx, scratch sounds, heavy baselines and keys.

  • Hip Hop Instrumentals

A laid back selection of beats, basses and lush musical elements from Chemo, a London based record producer and recording artist.

Influenced by Downtempo maestros including Bonobo, Kid Loco and Nujabes, and the more Instrumental Hip Hop of DJ Krush, Pete Rock and Wax Tailor – this scene is packed full of flavor and inspiration.

  • BOMB SQUAD – Tactical Beats & Sample Artillery

This scene contains original BOMB SQUAD audio samples exclusively sound designed and engineered by Hank Shocklee for Loopmasters. Hank Shocklee is known for his work with the rap group Public Enemy.

The SPC Hip Hop Scene Pack is now available on Google Play.