How it works

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Here is an overview of the RoboVox – Voice Changer features:

Top Row
RoboVox Top

Choose between the three modes real-time, parrot and recording to use RoboVox:

  • Click on the headphone button to use RoboVox in real-time with headphones.
  • Click on the parrot button to use the parrot mode: Speak into the microphone of your phone and the app will repeat what you said with a transformed voice.
  • Press the record button and record your voice and press play to play back your voice transformed.

X-Y Control Field

Use the X-Y Control Field to modify the pitch and modulation of the selected voice model. The x-axis controls the modulation and with the y-axis you can change the pitch.

Bottom Row

Choose among 32 voice models such as Pitch Shift (Chipmunk, Helium voice), Discobot, Badman, Exorcist, Bionic, Croack, Singing Robot, Dark, HAL, Stephen, Prophet. Switch between the banks with a swipe gesture to the left or right.


RoboVox for iOS supports Audiobus and the JACK Audio Connection Kit. For that reason background audio is enabled and may be disabled in the settings.

Additional Features

A long press gesture on any voice model will open a coarse and fine tuning page. That way each voice model can be tuned individually.

The iOS version of RoboVox supports Core MIDI support: the modulation wheel is mapped to modulation, the pitch wheel is mapped to pitch, MIDI note 24 – 47 triggers pitched sound, and midi note 48 – 72 changes pitch only.