Out now: RD4 - Groovebox for Android and iOS

RD4 Preview

Turn your phone or tablet into a musical instrument!

RD4 - Groovebox is a music making app with virtual analog synthesizers, drum machines and effects.

Record live or set notes with the dedicated sequencer or piano roll of each instrument.


RD3 HD - Groovebox for Android tablets, Honeycomb ready, now available!

Posted on August 23, 2011|Read full article

We’ve just released version 1.3 of the RD3 HD – Groovebox with Honeycomb optimization for 7- and 10-inch tablets. It comes with two 303-synthesizers, a drum machine with 8 voices, three audio effects and a special rack view in portrait mode on 10-inch tablets.

Send us your SPC Music Sketchpad scenes

Posted on July 27, 2011|Read full article

Want to share SPC Music Sketchpad scenes you’ve created with other SPC users?

We added an upload option to our website. Send us your SPC scenes and we will present them on our website.

Please check our SPC scenes page.

RD3 - Groovebox update 1.1.6 released

Posted on June 14, 2011|Read full article

Update for RD3 – Groovebox full & demo version now available.
It is Version 1.1.6 with the following improvements/changes:

  • Gingerbread optimizations
  • Performance optimization
  • Fix for correct audio export of punch settings
  • Fixes for Samsung Galaxy S 2.3.3 multitouch
  • Change screens by flinging gestures implemented

Massive feature update 1.5 for the SPC - Music Sketchpad out now!

Posted on June 09, 2011|Read full article

The new version of the SPC brings you new features for recording with a microphone, manipulating audio, building scenes and performing/mixing!

  • Recording with two distinct recorders
  • Revised Mixer-Overlay
  • Unclosed scenes
  • New loop features